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Personalized For You. Our weight loss solution becomes 100% yours to help you reach and then maintain your ideal weight.

  • New Members Create Your Profile: enter your information, lifestyle and goals
  • Registered Dietitian Online Meal PlansOne size does not fit all. Choose from 40+ online meal plans.
  • Week-At-A-Glance100% Personalized Menus 7 day meal and snack planner specific to your calorie and dietary range, nutritional needs and lifestyle
  • Diversified Meal Planning.  Boredom can lead to failure.  WLV lets you swap. mix and match food selections to keep your meals interesting and working for you
  • Food Selections:  over 13,000 food and beverage selections + add some of your own favorites
  • Print and Go Menu & Grocery Shopping List:  a simple point & click to generate and print your sample menus and coordinated grocery list
  • WeightLoss2Go™  Our amazing app lets you take us with you wherever you go
  • Cooking Made Easy:  simple to follow delicious recipes + add your own
  • Easy Reference:   electronically store your favorite meals, snacks and recipes 
  • Money Saving Coupons:  Save $$ on groceries and other popular items (US Only)

Knowledge is Power. Get the right weapons. Be shown how to use them. Live your weight loss story.

  • Think Thin  Workshops:  change your negative thinking about your eating and weight issues
  • Video Tutorials:  Get your desired results following the step by step video tutorials
  • Nutritional Information learn to read and understand what’s in the food you buy.
  • Food Analyzer: analyze the caloric and nutritional value of the foods you select
  • Cutting Edge Tools & Trackers: Track and chart your calories, workouts and weight loss helps you stay motivated.

    I want to drop my unwanted pounds

Move It To Lose It.  Calories in and calories out is key to weight loss and keeping it off.*   Make it your priority to fit as little as 20-30 minutes a day, 3-4x’s per week of physical activity.  Start slow with a 30 min. walk before breakfast. Find an activity you like, find a buddy and make it happen!

  • Fitness Evaluation: simple e-tools evaluate your flexibility, cardiovascular & muscular endurance.
  • No Gym Required:  you decide when & where to exercise; our e-tools help you track your progress.
  • Workout Options:  options best suited for you to melt the pounds and inches away and keep them off.
  • Burning Calories Daily activities can account for 30% of calories you burn. How many calories do you burn daily during normal daily activity? Log your activities to see the calories burned.
  • Log Your Activitiesstay motivated and on target using our e-tools to record and track your progress.

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* More than 94% of participants who succeeded in their goals in the National Weight Control Registry increased their rate of physical activity (NWCR 2007).

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Change your negative thinking and you’ll change your life. Long term weight loss is  what you eat and what you think.

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