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Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Why Registered Dietitian Online Meal Plans Are the Way to Go

At Weight Loss Village, we’ve become the leading provider of registered dietitian online meal plans, with over 40 customizable options. Why have we chosen to only offer meal plans developed by registered dietitians? We respect and value the food know-how R.Ds bring to the table. In fact, we realize that their expertise is invaluable to helping people just like you lose weight and feel great.

Here are our top three reasons why registered dietitians (and their yummy meal plans) can help you reach a healthy weight, one bite at a time.

Dietitians Are Food Experts

Dietitians are not just passionate about food, they are well-educated about food. To earn their title, they must:

  • Earn a 4-year degree based on standards from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Complete a supervised practice program.
  • Pass the national registered dietitian exam.

In short, these food-savvy professionals receive a healthy portion of coursework, on-the-job training and testing to help them serve up the healthiest meal plans possible.

Dietitians Stay Current

Dietitians’ food-ucation doesn’t end with their college careers. According to their code of ethics, they are expected to stay current on food science to help clients cut through excessive (and often conflicting) food fads. It’s their job to find and understand the ingredients to the healthiest diet possible, so you don’t have to.

Dietitians Know One Size Does Not Fit All

We all have unique weight, energy and health goals. We also have our own challenges. Dietitians are able to use factors like your age, weight and gender to build a plan just for you. Much like a visit to a R.D., we’ll gather all the necessary information to generate your custom (and personalizable) online meal plans.

Join Weight Loss Village today for immediate access to expertly designed (and perfectly portioned) online meal plans.

All A-Flutter: Secrets to Heart-Healthy Eating

Happy Heart-Health Month! As February comes to a close, we don’t want you to miss a beat, especially when it comes to wholesome nutrition. Lucky for you, our team knows all the tips and tricks for healthy eating, by heart.

In fact, we have a “Heart Healthy” Registered Dietitian designed online meal plan specifically to help keep your cardiovascular system thumping and pumping without a hitch. This customizable plan is loaded with foods that you are probably already eating. Don’t believe us? Read on for some surprisingly heart-friendly secrets.

Secret #1: (Some) Fats Are Good for You

Yes, you did read that right. Now before you reach for that second slice of pizza, let us set the record straight.

The Bad Fats

A heart-healthy diet does NOT include an abundance of saturated and trans fats. These “bad fats” raise the level of cholesterol in your blood, which in turn raises your chance for heart disease and stroke. Here a few foods you’ll want to limit to give your heart some love.

●          Fatty meats (beef, poultry with the skin)

●          Dairy (cream, cheese, whole milk)

●          Baked Goods (especially grain-based desserts)

●          Fried Foods (French fries, breaded chicken)

Remember, you don’t have to completely deny yourself these items, but the American Heart Association suggests limiting saturated fats to about 140 calories out of a 2000 diet. Trans fats, on the other hand, should be avoided more actively with just a 20 calorie allowance.

The Good(!) Fats

In moderation, the unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) are essential for cell growth, organ protection and energy. Now, on to the all-important question: What foods are good sources for these heart-healthy fats? Glad you asked. Here are few great, fat-rich foods to add to your grocery list.

●          Vegetable Oils (soybean oil, olive oil)

●          Fatty Fish (herring, salmon, mackerel)

●          Nuts and Seeds (walnuts, sunflower seeds, nut butters)

●          Avocado (Craving some guacamole, anyone?)

Quick Tip: Saturated fats are typically solid at room temperature, whereas unsaturated fats are liquid.

Secret #2: Cutting Cholesterol Isn’t as Hard as You Think Our Heart Healthy meal plan cuts cholesterol to about 200 mg a day. What foods can you eat with these goals? The answer may surprise you.

Soy-Based Foods: While soy making the list may not be surprising in and of itself, the versatility of this cholesterol-decreasing plant is.

●          Edamame: Young soy beans that make a great snack on their own or thrown in a stir fry or salad.

●          Soy Milk: We like this option because it goes well with another heart-healthy drink, tea. Add a splash of soy milk to your morning tea for heart-healthy bonus points.

●          Tofu: Whether you bake it, sauté it or stir fry it, tofu also makes a great, protein-rich addition to salads, soups and main dishes.

Lean Beef: That’s right. Recent studies say lean beef can also lower cholesterol when coupled with good fitness and a decreased intake of saturated fats. According to the American Heart Association, loin and round cuts will have the lowest fat content.

Can you believe it? We hope we’ve taken some of the mystery out of taking care of your ticker. Join Weight Loss Village now for instant access to personalized, Registered Dietician designed, online meal plans including the and our super-convenient WeightLoss2GO™mobile app. Included with your registration, this exclusive program keeps your meal plan, exercise log and grocery lists at your fingertips–no matter where your day takes you.

Check out our heart healthy online meal plan – .

Heart Healthy
Calorie Ranges 1300 to 2100
Heart Healthy Menus are low in fat, especially saturated fat, and higher in unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, the “heart healthy” fats. Menus are low in cholesterol (up to 200 mg per day and include soy foods to help protect against heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels.



Good-bye Winter Blues

Are you feeling down in the dumps? After all of the family and fun for the holidays, the winter blues are in full swing.  The weather is freezing and you’re avoiding your New Years Resolution on the daily.  With one in five Americans suffering with the winter blues, we here at Weight Loss Village want to help you get out of your slump. So we have gathered some of the best things you can do to get back to your Happy place!

Take Your Vitamins.  Double up on your vitamin D and add a little melatonin too.  The lack of sun can take a toll on your body, and the long chilly days can put your sleep cycle in the dumps.  If you’re unsure or have questions, be sure to talk to your Doc.

Get Moving.  During the cold winter months, it’s really easy to stay bundled up on the couch watching your favorite shows, snacking on your favorite treats.  Well STOP!! The best thing to fight the winter blues is some good ole’ exercise!  Get that body moving, and remind yourself that an in shape, healthy you is so much FUN.

Get out of here! Remember all the great times you had in the summer?  Well, you can still get out and about this winter… Whether it’s going to the local winery or volunteering at the nearest soup kitchen.  Just get off that couch and GO!! You’ll be so glad you did.

Moisturize like crazy.  The cold weather can cause your skin to become dry, cracked, and irritated.  Be sure to double up on the moisturizer for your skin that is perfume free.  And don’t forget to show your lips some much needed LOVE!

Just remember that you are not the only one suffering from the winter blues.  Reach out to your favorite people and motivate each other to get out of the house and show yourself a little T.L.C. this winter.  Your friends at Weight Loss Village are right here with you!  So come on, let’s show these winter blues that its got nothing on us!

Quick and Easy Acorn Squash

Simple and delicious and my family loves it! 

Slice it in half and scoop out the seeds.
Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of orange juice into the well of each half.
Sprinkle with cracked pepper
Cover and bake 350 degrees for about one hour until soft.


How to Cut a Hard Acorn Squash
Position the squash on a cutting board and carefully use a serrated knife to saw through the touch skin.

National Popcorn Day – January 19, 2014

Americans eat about 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year (about 51 quarts per person), which makes it one of the most popular snacks in the country. It is also one of the oldest.

Popcorn has been around for centuries.  Popcorn originated in Mexico, but eventually made its way north. In 1948, archaeologists in the state of New Mexico discovered ancient popcorn ears that were at least 5,600 years old! The Native Americans (in both North and South America) popped their corn by throwing it on hot stones over a fire.

Today, we rely heavily on microwaveable popcorn, which was introduced in the 1980s. To celebrate National Popcorn Day, make your favorite kind of popcorn and enjoy it while watching a movie with your friends!

Share your favorite popcorn treats with us below. .

Unique Tips for Weight Loss

These few tips are not traditional weight loss techniques but they can make it a little easier.  How much?  That will depend on how often you use them.   Use these few tips at will. They will indirectly help you lose weight.

Tip # 1:   Eat food using your non-dominant hand
Interesting huh?  Try it out to see how it can help losing weight. If you are right-handed it’ll feel strange using a spoon or fork with your left hand and visa-versa.

So why does this work to help loose weight?

The theory is this… you’ll take a longer time since you are not used to eating with your non-dominant hand.  This will therefore slow down how many calories you consume per minute.  You will then be giving your body more time to signal your brain that it’s full and stop eating.

You’ll be less likely to eat as much food as you normally do.  Try it and see for yourself.

Tip # 2:  Brush Your Teeth
Use toothpaste as a roadblock for cravings may sound a little odd – but it really works. It is well known that toothpaste makes even the greatest-tasting food taste plain “yucky”.

Think about it. If you brush your teeth before you go to sleep, it’s because you are done eating for the day. Even if you don’t go to sleep right away, you are less likely to eat anything simply because your teeth have already been cleaned and polished. Why not take this same philosophy, and use it to control those powerful cravings for all things sweet between meals.

Keep Dental Dots or a compact toothbrush and toothpaste handy when you are out or at your office. Try brushing your teeth after lunch to help avoid afternoon sugar cravings.

Tip # 3: Chew Gum!
A study conducted in 2007 showed that chewing gum not only helps control your cravings and appetite but it also can help reduce your calorie intake from snacks.   Although chewing gum is helpful, you’ll want to select a sugar free gum such as EXTRA if you are going to maintain a healthy weight.

Tip # 4:  Power Nap
Fatigue is a trigger for food cravings that can have one reaching for that jolt of energy from sugar mid afternoon. Shake off the sugar temptation or habit mid day and snooze instead.

When possible ditch the sugar itch and power nap instead. If at home nap where it is comfortable and quiet.  If at work take your break with your head on your desk or seek out a quiet place.   My colleague takes his power nap in the stairwell. 

Power napping as little as 10-20 minutes can also boost your memory, cognitive skills.

Small Changes to Your LIfestyle Add Up to Lasting Weight Loss

To achieve long term result it’s important to include small changes. In addition to being simple, fitting into your lifestyle and busy schedule it is important the program educate you on proper food choices, portion control, behavior modification and changing your mindset to reach the positive long term results you want and deserve.  Three key elements include:

#1:  Fits Into Your Lifestyle

:A big mistake we make when starting a new weight loss program is to change our lifestyle and/or take away foods we enjoy to accommodate the new program. It’s totally unrealistic approach to think it’s possible to achieve long term results with a program requiring you change your lifestyle or remove foods you enjoy. Eventually you’ll find your back to your old lifestyle and eating habits which will interfere with or set you back with the progress you have managed to make.  When this happens one gets back to their starting weight + a few extra pounds.  Sound familiar?

For a program to provide successful long term weight loss results it must compliment the way you live and allow you to include some foods you enjoy.   Learn to understand that all food is good food when you enjoy them in moderation without guilt or deprivation.

#2: Change Your Mindset

Although we know we become what we think; we continue to remain in a negative and often self-sabotaging mindset when it comes to food, eating and losing weight and continue to think in terms of black and white attitude vs. shades of grey when shades of grey can help you redefine your relationship with food

Learn to stop thinking of the food you eat in terms of either good or bad and you’ll notice how this harmful mind set has very often been part of the reason you are still in search of a solution to your issues with food and your weight.  

This mind-body concept is so powerful to your success that we include Think-Thin workshops in our program. Members have access to all recorded workshops when they log into their account.

 #3: Increase Your Metabolism

It’s no secret that in order to be successful you need to find the right balance of proteins, carbs and fats that work for your body.  Although this is ultra important many of us have no idea what we should be eating each day. That is where the selection of online meal plans with their personalized menus can help educate you so you can learn that balance.   

The weekly menus are designed to work with your caloric and dietary needs as well as you lifestyle and exercise regime.

Once you find what works and what does not work with your body and you’ll not only lose weight faster but you’ll also feel so much better.  Increase your metabolism to get your body to digest and use foods you eat to your benefit and good results will follow.  

Cost-Effective Ways to Enjoy Fresh Produce This Winter

Often when we are able to find some of our out-of-season favorite fruits and vegetables during the winter months they are quite expensive but there is a way to shop cost-effectively and reap the benefits of fresh produce.

Get to know and buy seasonal produce
Oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, clementine, papaya, etc are at their peak in the winter months.

Try winter squash, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens like kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli,  and collards just to mention a few


 Shop at your local farmers’ market

Gather up the family and make it a regular outing to visit many of the neighborhood local Farmer’s Market. or food co-ops open year around where you can find good deals on produce. 

Also, consider joining a local harvest group where you purchase a membership share in a farmer’s harvest weekly to receive seasonal produce and/or meat or poultry, from that farm.  It is a great way to try new foods as well.


Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors

Perennial herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, etc. are some of the best herbs to grow indoors during the winter. Purchase starter plants at your local supermarket or farmers’ market.  Position them near a sun-filled window in a well-insulated room and water them regularly without over watering them.  This is a real treat during the winter.



Alternatively… Stock Your Freezer
Freeze your favorites
You’ll find that fruits and vegetables are less expensive when in season. Buy on sale, cut them up and freeze produce in season. For example berries: wash and prepare the berries as you like, place them on a cookie sheet in a single layer and place it in the freezer.   When frozen place them into a container of zip lock bag.  This is an economical and delicious way to stock up on berries and other produce.
Visit the frozen-food aisle

Alternatively purchase frozen produce.   Since the item is frozen when it is harvested some nutrients are better preserved in frozen vs fresh.  Additionally, frozen produce can be a real time saver because it does not require added preparation. Watch for specials, stock your freezer and always have your favorite produce readily available no matter what the season.

We look forward to you sharing your suggestions on how to enjoy fresh produce throughout the winter.

Challenge and Change

Losing weight is a process and a journey that will challenge you along the way.
WeightLossVillage helps members overcome the challenges.  
Learn more
about the program, stay the course and keep your eye on your goal. Get help staying on track.  Learn more about our weight loss program 

Stay the course this holiday season

Ho! Ho!  Ho!

HOliday Dieting TreeYou can make it through the holidays sticking to your diet and fitness goals with a treat now and again and without all the stress. Just plan and decide what food or drink is a priority for you to have.  If you are looking forward to Tiramisu or a slice of cheesecake don’t go snacking on cheese and crackers or calorie filled Hors d’Oeuvres. 

Eat healthy and then…. indulge in a modest portion of the Tiramisu without going back for seconds or thirds no matter how tempted you are.  Plan your choices, be mindful of portion size and you can definitely triumph.

Notice: This program or products are not intended to replace the expert advice of a medical practitioner and are not designed to treat diseases of any kind. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition. Users of this program or product assume all risk. WeightLossVIllage, Jubilee Enterprises LLC, its owners or any related parties assume no liability of any kind.

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