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I was happy at size 10 and over the moon happy at size 6. This program worked. — Jeneine W.

What’s New at Weight Loss Village

New Membership Selections
Members asked and WeightLossVillage listened. For member convenience we offer three weight loss program options. Learn More

ANDROID Mobile App has arrived
In addition to iPhone and iPad we know provide the Android app

 Workshops Now Recorded
Our simple and convenient weight loss options just got better. Think Thin Workshops are recorded and available to members when they log into their account.

Childhood Obesity Meal Plans for Ages 9-18
The world is overwhelmed with overweight and obese kids putting them at risk for weight related diseases and health problems.  WeightLossVillage was compelled to do what we could to help reduce the numbers one child at a time. In addition to our Teen Scene meal plan we now offer Childhood Obesity Meal Plans for ages 9 to 18.  

FREE WeightLoss2GO iPhone App has arrived
Weight Loss Village makes it easy for members to stick to their weight loss program anytime, anyplace at their convenience. In  addition to Internet access members now have access via iPhonel and iPad. Android and others to follow soon. What could be easier?

FREE Weight Loss (Think Thin) Webinars
 “Cultivate the root.  The trees and branches will take care of themselves.”   Confucius
Attn Members Only:   The experienced coaches mentally kick your butt each week with their live webinars.   This is the support you need to overcome emotional eating, get rid of a negative self image, learn to laugh, develop self-love and think thin from within – just to name a few topics  Uncovering and overcoming mental obstacles when added to proper eating and exercise are the first steps for everyone serious about reaching and maintaining their ideal weight.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss
NEW, Improved and Safe. SERIES 9 DETOX, CLEANSE AND 21 Day JUMP START Meal Plans  
The meal plans are ideal for everyone looking to safely lose weight in the shortest period of time. 
Choose from six well balanced Detox, Cleanse and Jump Start meal plans than enhance your weight loss while maintaining a safe calorie range of 1200 for women and 1600 for men.   This is the healthy way to prepare your body for Phase II and II and achieve optimum results.

Say Hello to Super Saver Coupons  $$ saved can help your membership pay for itself!
As a VIP Member enjoy savings on groceries and other popular items to help your plan pay for itself. Members have access to the Super Saver Coupon Gallery where they can download unlimited number of coupons letting you save as much as you like.  Members also receive a  weekly Super Saver e-newsletter featuring coupons of the week for even greater savings,  If you are a member and not already receiving the Super Saver e-newsletter please log in and subscribe from you member page.  Coupons are only available in the United States.

Earn Extra IncomeHelp others drop their unwanted weight
Become a WLV Affiliate.  Start earning extra income helping friends and family get in the best shape they’ve been in years.

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